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TOP 5 Tips For PTs To Make Virtual Visits Easier and More Effective.

#5. Ask a client to mark the area of pain with a marker so the area can be pinpointed.

#4. Take screen shots of video segments to make it easier to review before your next call. #3. Tell the patient or client at the outset of your "televisit" that YOU will make a phone call to them to continue the conversation if you get cut off and can't reconnect. Avoid the frustration of telephone tag!

#2. Ask a patient if they can switch from their laptop to smart phone to continue a visit if that will make it easier for them to show areas of concern e.g. rather than moving a laptop around.

#1. Be patient. Assure your client that you are not in a hurry and to "take your time" if they are struggling with the technology. This is REALLY important!!!

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